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Little Fighter NFT (collectibles on blockchain) project

Hi all,

It is Marti Wong, the founder of Little Fighter. it's been a while since I make any announcement here. Long story short, I currently trying to get funding (that would potentially support the remastering project of Little Fighter 2) by selling NFTs on rarible.com. I will explain more in the FAQs below. You may continue reading if you are over 18 years old, is a NFT collector and interested in collecting Little Fighter NFTs. Otherwise, please stop reading.

Q1: What is NFT?
A: If you ask this question, you are probably new to Cryptocurrency and I don't recommend you to buy any Little Fighter NFT. If you are interested to learn more about NFT. You may read wiki or this article.

Q2: What kind of NFT are you planning to sell?
A: Character stance/animation or avatars. They are mostly in mp4 or gif format.

Q3: Why NFT?
A: As you may know, I tried so hard to make Hero Fighter for 7 years (2008-2015), got busted by pirated game sites. I suffered (huge financial loss), players suffered (game update stopped) and the damn pirated game sites won (grew bigger and devastated more startup creators). I have always been trying to figure out a way to break that vicious cycle. And it seems to me that NFT may be the answer. In a good case scenario, it could benefit the creators (get funding), the players (could enjoy the games in a low cost; or possibly free) and supporters/collectors (their collectibles increase in value over time as the game grows to gain more recognition). And form a long-term positive cycle to the Indie society.

Q4: I am not familiar with Cryptocurrency but I want to support you. Should I buy your NFTs?
A: I am afraid my answer is No. I don't recommend any one to own Cryptocurrency/NFT if they don't have enough knowledge of it (e.g. how to secure their wallets and protect themselves).

Q5: Where are your NFTs sold?
A: rarible.com/martiwong or rarible.com/lf2

Q6: What Cryptocurrency should I use to buy your NFT?
A: For direct purchase, use ETH (Ethereum); if bidding, use WETH (the exchange rate with ETH is always 1:1).

Q7: I am very familiar with Cryptocurrency, but I don't know where I can buy ETH.
A: I personally recommend buying from a local exchange that has a physical office at your region. If you are in Hong Kong, you can consider buying from CoinUnited.io, an exchange opened by my friend. If you are in other regions, you can consider buying from a local exchange or Binance.

Q8: Why the price of NFT is so high?
A: Every transaction of NFT requires a gas fee (like transaction fee), as of today, the gas fee to buy a NFT is around USD $70~$110. If I set the price too low, most of payment goes to gas fee and it doesn't justify the buyer's or seller's expense.

Q9: Why there are so few people bidding/buying your NFTs? (on Mar 2021)
A: My account is still being verified by Rarible. Before it's done, my work is not listed on the global market place and therefore not many people have seen it. Before the verification completes, my NFTs could still be sold. It's just that the buyers would see "seller not verified yet" kind of warning when buying.

Q10: Do you have other NFT projects?
A: For now, I only have Little Fighter NFT(s) at rarible.com/lf2. And my personal artworks at rarible.com/martiwong. (I also have an account on opensea.io but I recommend rarible.com because I am more familiar with it and could be more helpful when you have questions). If you find other creators claiming to be me, they are scammers impersonating me.

Q11: Why there are only Little Fighter 1 NFTs? Will you make Little Fighter 2 or Hero Fighter NFTs?
A: The NFT project is still on the experimental stage. When the time is right, I will sell Little Fighter 2 (or Hero Fighter) NFTs.
(see Q14 below for more info)

Q12: Should I expect Little Fighter NFT's resale value to increase over time?
A: I honestly don't know. NFT and ETH (most NFTs are priced with ETH) is highly speculative. With a bad trade, you could potentially lose most of your initial capital. In NFT/Crypto, I think no one should put more money than they can afford to lose.

Q13: I want to support you. But I could not afford the NFTs. What could I do to help?
A: I will always be grateful for your kindess.
There are few ways you could support me without any cost.
    1. Follow my twitter
    2. Follow my instagram
    3. Follow my Rarible (if you have a rarible account)
    4. Follow my Opensea (if you have an opensea account)
Or if you have Litecoin, you could buy me a coffee by sending me Litecoins ~= 3 USD or something. My Litecoin address: LTRGSBaKuJJQBYDZdX9wSdTyrkCShu3qAz

Q14: I am a professional NFT collector and want to collect Little Fighter NFTs. May I know what you are planning to sell so that I could develop my collection strategy?
A: Below is a list of stuff I plan to sell. But I am still at the trying-and-reflecting stage so the plan may subject to change.
Little Fighter one, walking sprite animation set:
    #01 Davis - LF1 x 30
    #02 Woody - LF1 x 30
    #03 Dennis - LF1 x 30
    #04 Freeze - LF1 x 30
    #05 Firen - LF1 x 30
    #06 Louis - LF1 x 30
    #07 Rudolf - LF1 x 30
    #08 Henry - LF1 x 30
    #09 John - LF1 x 30
    #10 Deep - LF1 x 30
    *1 Julian - LF1 x 3 (rare NFT starts with *)
When the LF1 sale above is "successful", the LF2 sale (character avatars) will kick off. It is unclear that if LF2 NFT will have some special smart contract. I am currently consulting industry elites (e.g. CoinUnited.io ) and the opinions of other professional NFT collectors.
I am also evaluating the feasibility of making a 10,000 Players NFT., you may visit this link to learn more.

Q15: If I want to buy your NFT from Rarible, should I click on "Buy now" or "Bid"?
A: If you want to buy from me at my listed price, please click on the thumbnail of the NFT, after entering the NFT detailed page, click "Buy now" (please see the demo picture below). If you do not see the "Buy now" button, it means my NFT is not for sale at the moment. I usually don't accept Bid (unless the price matches my target). However, if you want to buy NFT from other holders, you could still try Bid ("Bid" or "Place a bid" button), there may be early holders who want to sell and take profit. Please note that when you place Bid, your need to pay a gas fee and your WETH will be locked. Moreover, if you want to cancel Bid, you also need to pay a gas fee.

Q16: Why is the offer price of some LF NFTs set so high (>100ETH)? The price scared me.
The "exaggerated" offer price of those NFTs is not issued by me. This is issued by other LF NFT owners. I guess they are testing the selling process on the Rarible platform, because after executing the "Put on Sale" instructions, gas fees are required to increase the price, but not when reducing the price (If you will sell in the future, please pay attention to this). So they set such a high price and this gives them more flexibility when reducing the price in future. To identify the seller of a NFT in Rarible, you can check the owner's badge.

Q17: Why did you stop selling Davis (on Mar 19, 2021)?
A: I plan to list 9 more LF NFTs (#02~#10) on the market (on Mar 20, 2021). I want to "balance the inventory" by letting people buy those 9 NFTs first. When I start selling Davis again, I will announce it on Instagram and Twitter. So please stay followed me at Instagram and Twitter.

Q18: Why the new NFTs are cheaper than Davis's?
A: Davis is special. He is the first LF NFT, and also the main character in LF and my earlier games since 1992 (see screenshots below). Therefore, he has a higher "historical value" than others.

Q19: It seems you are selling the NFTs with a gradually increasing price model, does it mean you can control the price and make it rise forever?
A: Not really. The price of NFT is determined by the market, not by me. The price I listed only indicates the selling price that I accept at the moment. Every LF NFT owner could sell their NFT(s) at another price (as agreed with other buyers). These transactions will be recorded in the blockchain forever and become a reference for the future buyers/sellers. I hope my price model can benefit the holders, but the price of LF NFT, like any collectible in the world, can go up or down. Therefore, please assess the risk. If you want to buy, put the money according to your own affordability.

Q20: Why does each NFT only sell one at a time?
A: I hope to randomly distribute most of the NFTs to a wide range of LF fans. Not only a few people or manipulators. It's even better if the owners are true collectors because their hodl (long-term holding) could help consolidate the price. I believe this will enable the longterm healthy growth of the LF NFT market. (That's why I only announced the NFT project on LF2 website. Didn't do any promotion. I don't want to attract a large number of people with "not enough faith" in the early stage and cause the LF NFT market to fluctuate sharply.)

Q21: Will you change the price model in the future?
A: I am not so sure. But I currently thinking that when each character is almost sold out (only 2~3 NFTs left), I may change the selling method to auction. This might enable the NFTs to fully realize their full potential; to reach a historical new high prices and increase the owner's potential profitability (or reduce risk). This is just an idea for the time being, and it is unknown whether it will be implemented. I welcome your comments on Instagram.

Q22:Why did you stop selling for a few days (on Mar 22~24, 2021)
A: The turnover of my account on Sat and Sun (Mar 20-21) has actually surpassed some of the sellers on the Rarible "Top Seller List". However, because my Rarible account is still being verified (email has been sent urging them). I cannot be listed in the "Top Sellers List". This is really wasteful. Therefore, I slowed down my sales and plan to sell more regularly after account verification. In this way, NFT buyers around the world can see the LF NFT and join the purchase.

Q23:In Q20, you said that you would sell NFT to LF fans. Why now hope that NFT buyers from all over the world will join?
A: When the sales is completed on Mar 27, >25% of LF NFTs have been sold to the initial collectors (estimated to be loyal LF fans and strong holders). At this stage, we have established a good foundation. I think it's time to enter the second stage: attracting some global buyers. I hope this can bring us liquidity and "vitality" and help the market develop healthly. And if my estimation is correct, if the price curves of all LF NFTs could be continuously and persistently rising. In the 3rd stage, LF NFTs may attract the attention of "stronger" buyers. However, this is just my guess. The market conditions are unpredictable and my plan may or may not come true.

Q24: I am a NFT collector, but I don't know much about you (Marti Wong) and your games (Little Fighter, Hero Fighter). How can I get relevant information to evaluate the value of your NFTs?
A: The basic introduction of my games can be found on the LF2 wiki page and Hero Fighter wiki page. You can also try to search "LF2" or search "Hero Fighter"on Youtube to get a sense of their popularity.
In addition, here are some recent reports/discussions about my NFTs and LF2 (most are in Chinese):

Here are some reports/videos about me and my game Hero Fighter a few years ago (most are in Chinese):

According to Google Trends, in the past 5 years, the average attention of LF2 is about 60% of the comic character Ant-man. And in the past when the attention was at its peak, LF2's popularity is about 30 times as much as it is now. I hope that the remastered version of LF2 and its future development will increase its popularity to (or even surpass) previous levels.

Last edited time: 17 April, 2021

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