I have download the latest version of LF2 (v2.0). Unfortunately, it cannot be run after installation. What should I do? You can try to install the following patch from Microsoft. It may help.
Download vcredist_x86.exe (NOT vcredist_x64.exe) from here in Microsoft
Are Marti and Starsky brothers ?
No, but we are very good friends
How can we support you ?

Yes, you can help us in many ways. you can help us by ...
1. use LF2 search tool bar (bundled with LF2 v1.9c)
2. make a Paypal donation
3. buy Davis action figure

What language do you use to develop LF2 ?
We basically use Visual C++ and DirectX Library
Who draw that figures ?
All the figures are created and drawn by Marti
Will LF2 be open source ?
No, we are not planning to do that.
How can I write a program like LF2 ?
This is a hard question. Someone feel it is easy and some feel it is difficult. But here is some of my general suggestions:
1) Learn good programming skill (Thanks CUHK CS program).
2) Learn how to use graphic libraries (DirectX, OpenGL)
3) Learn maths and physics. You need them do develop action games.
4) Find a group of friends. You cannot develop a good game without partners.
How can I create a own character in LF2 ?
I know there is some editing programs for LF2, which is not develop by me and Marti. However, I forget those programs name. If anyone know it, please send me a email and let met know. I will put that program in here if it is really useful.
Why LF2 is free ?
It is because we want any people can play this game, even the one who have problems for money. We have some chance to sell the copyright of LF2 to some company, but we finally reject them.
Why I see strange color blocks around the characters when playing? You need to set your desktop to 32bit colours before playing.(if your version is older than v1.9c, you need to set 16bit colours instead)
Which TCP/UDP Port do LF2 work for networking ? TCP Port 12345
I tried to play with my friends in "network games" but whenever i try to
connect with them it says "unable to connect to server". Please tell
me the solution to this problem.
The server (the one who click "waiting") should probably behind a
firewall which block the network connection of LF2. Please read next
question for the solution.
I am behind firewall, can I use the network feature to play with my friends? This depends. In order to play with your friends in the Internet, the server side (the one who click "waiting") need to have a public IP address. Those IP like 192.168.X.X or 10.X.X.X are private IP address, which CANNOT be used as a server.

If you are behind a firewall in home, try to enable the NAT feature of the firewall to allow TCP 12345. The following are some example of firewall
1) Wireless router
2) DSL/Cable router
3) Software firewall like Microsoft, Norton, and Zone Alarm.

Once you enable NAT and allow TCP 12345 traffic, remember to give your public IP address, but NOT the private one, to your friends.